New players guide to establishing wishbones and steady experience - by Deadbuzz

Friends list starting suggestion goal is around 100 which is 1400 gems. Inventory should be around 150 (I don't remember what it starts out at) adventure slots need only 1 or 2 upgrades (again not sure how many gems this takes) all players should save at least 1 of every creature they get and work on upgrading them all at least to level 40 as the ingredients for that are relatively easy to get for the most part excluding FMT that comes around every once in a while. Using these extra creatures to do adventures while you play will bring in exp and shards which can be sold for 1k gold each establishing a good gold income needed to upgrade creatures. Most new players will go for poison as poison is the great equalizer. Picking a good poison helper is key to bringing in bones and you will be able to upgrade them quickly by grinding bald man horde for low cost in hearts. Key to bringing in bones here is keeping your friends list clear of players that don't play for days and adding players at lower levels than you as they will use your helper more often than a player above your level. If done right you can have close to 600 bones a day plus 300 for dailys giving you close to 60 bones chest a week which is good starting out