There are 8 algebraic Cornfields creatures. Three have awakened forms.

024 Captain Taco Edit

024 Captain Taco
024 Captain Taco cards

030 Cornataur Edit

030 Cornataur
030 Cornataur cards

037 Corn Emperor Edit

037 Corn Emperor
037 Corn Emperor cards

038 Corn Lord Edit

038 Corn Lord
038 Corn Lord cards

040 Corn Ronin Edit

040 Corn Ronin
040 Corn Ronin cards

070 Field Reaper Edit

070 Field Reaper
070 Field Reaper cards

165 Convicted Stalker Edit

165 Convicted Stalker
165 Convicted Stalker cards

166 Stalker Edit

166 Stalker
166 Stalker cards

200 Feedman Edit

200 Feedman
200 Feedman cards

239 Mother Husker Dragon Edit

239 Mother Husker Dragon
239 Mother Husker Dragon cards

240 Husker Dragon Edit

240 Husker Dragon
240 Husker Dragon cards

Note About Husker Dragon Epic Dungeon Special Creatures Edit

There are three additional algebraic creatures (the 001 Stalks) that appeared in the Husker Dragon epic dungeon. These creatures were not playable outside the dungeon and have been included for reference only.

001 Lethal Stalk Edit

001A Lethal Stalk
001A Lethal Stalk cards

001 Hasty Stalk Edit

001B Hasty Stalk
001B Hasty Stalk cards

001 Stout Stalk Edit

001C Stout Stalk
001C Stout Stalk cards