If you want to specialize in blue plains, meaning generating energy, stealing energy, drawing cards and filling the floop meter, this is the guide for you!

Beginner Edit

Creatures Edit

Ultra Dog, Manowar Elf, Wizard Elf, Fubky Ninja Get a Cool Dog and awaken it into an Ultra Dog. Power-up and Enhance it until its attack stat is at 100. Then, use the Ultra Dog One Shot strategy to get to the battle named "Rise of the elves" in the battle line "Familiar Foe" and do it repeatedly. If you do that battle enough, you will get used to its mechanism and you will beat it about 9 out of 10 times. It will give you great loot

  • Often a cool creature (Shaman Woad, Wizard Elf or a Manowar Elf)
  • Often 1-4 Single Layer plains cake
  • Rarely a Rare Struzan Jinn
  • Often wishbones
  • Very rarely a gem

Intermediate Edit

Make sure every of your creatures have an energy-generating card. Hopefully you will get an Elf Chief or a Deputy Hotdog, but you can work with common creatures like Ninja, Wizard Elf, Manowar Elf and Struzan Jinn. In your first 6 months, you should be able to also get a rare one like Earl, Ancient Scholar and Knight Of Obesity. All of these can be looted from battles. The key is to have a progression in your abilities to outsmart the AI with energy manipulations, including the Ultra Dog one shot strategy and levelling up your creatures so you can kill computer teams in the first 2 rounds at best.

Expert Edit

Popular configurations Edit

Jarl, Jarl, Elf Assassin, Deputy Hotdog, Pre-Teen Wolf

Jarl, Funky Ninja, Elf Assassin, Deputy Hotdog, Ultra Dog

Jarl, Wizard Elf, Funky Ninja, Future Scholar, Corn Bull Dog

Funny Ninja, Future Scholar, Wizard Elf, Royal Husker Knight, Knight Of Obesity