Here is some random advice from players. Some of it has data to back it up. Some of it is anecdotal.

Treasure Cave Advice Edit

  1. Be prepared to be disappointed. - Everybody
  2. Buy the 500 gem chests when you see single algebraic creatures show up in chat. Multiple algebriac creatures in chat usually reflect a gem hacker and not a hot spot. - Zargo

Battle Advice Edit

  1. Use helpers when battling in the Arena battle lines. Use the Helper tutorial to maximize your helper's level. - Arimel

Ingredient Advice Edit

  1. Stock up on Fancy Meal Time dungeon ingredients whenever the dungeon shows up. You never know when it will show up again. It could be back in two weeks... or it could be back in four months. - Dilemma
  2. I highly recommend spending gems to increase you inventory size so you can stock up on ingredients. Or you can use the ingredients tables to plan for your creature enhancements and keep your inventories smaller. - Dilemma
  3. When farming for ingredients, consider battling without a helper. It seems to increase drop rates. - Maxime